We are deeply concerned about what might happen if the Wildrose party takes over Alberta leadership. As young Albertans, we feel some of their candidates support extreme viewpoints that don't represent us. And that some of their policies would create a province we don't want to see.

We are not pro-PC. If you are in a riding that has a Liberal, NDP, Evergreen or Alberta Party candidate who you think has a good chance at winning, by all means vote for them.

But if you are in a contested riding where the showdown is between Wildrose and PC, vote strategically and vote PC.

We understand many young Alberta voters would rather gouge their eyes out than vote Conservative. But let's get realistic. In many ridings right now, no vote is a vote for Wildrose.

Is that the Alberta you want?

Regardless of what you believe, the most important thing is to get informed, and go out and vote.

A good site we recommend on strategic voting is You'll find more links for info on the Alberta election on our VOTE page.